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About KUT News

KUT News is committed to investigating and delivering Austin-centric news and information. We strive to make every story meaningful by uncovering deep insights and integrating unique perspectives from our community. And we don’t just report the news, we also bring the culture, music and people that define the Austin experience to our news coverage. Reporting and relating the wide range of things that happen in our city with that much depth requires a full-time, dedicated news team. Since KUT News was established in 2002, our staff has been honored with more than 100 state, regional, national and international awards.

Here are some of the principles that guide our team:

  • To us, serving the public interest means connecting citizens with information they need to enjoy Austin’s rich culture and participate in civic life.
  • There is no single perspective on issues in Austin. We strive to look at each story from multiple angles.
  • We shed light on Austin’s civic challenges and opportunities, and invite the community to become a part of workable solutions.
  • We deliver news according to the highest editorial and ethical standards, setting the standard for public radio journalism.

KUT News has forged successful partnerships with other public radio stations in Texas, as well as an unprecedented collaboration with the non-profit online publication Texas Tribune. With our accomplishments and our continuing commitment to journalistic excellence and independence, KUT News is considered one of the leading news organizations in public radio.

Be sure to check out:

The News blog: Check out the KUT News blog for short, conversational stories throughout the work day about events happening now, or news bits gleaned from other media and spun with interesting background and local context. It’s for people who want to get involved with their community, or just find out what’s going on.

PolitiFact Texas: Each Wednesday morning, reporters with KUT News and the Austin American-Statesman‘s Gardner Selby get together to sort out the truth in Texas politics on PolitiFact Texas.

Special Coverage: From time to time, the KUT News department tackles a single issue from multiple angles with a series of in-depth reports by our award winning team of reporters.  It could be a look at the end of the space shuttle program in Texas, a musing on what it means to be from Texas, or an examination of the state’s budget problems. Stay tuned to this space for our special journalism projects and in-depth coverage.