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City: No Power Outages Expected Today, But Just in Case Find Austin Energy's Map Here

Photo courtesy of Miranda Martin/via Flickr

**Update @ 7: 20 a.m.: ERCOT says the state's grid condition is improving but it's still urging people to conserve energy, especially before 9 a.m.  From the press release: "Although immediate concerns for the possibility of rotating outages this morning are reduced, ERCOT will be monitoring the grid closely because additional unexpected major losses of generation could force operators to begin emergency procedures to avoid an uncontrolled statewide blackout."


The City of Austin says the state's energy grid operator the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, has not let them know about any anticipated energy shortages today.  In a press release this morning, the city says information its received from ERCOT indicates more power plants are online today, but people are still encouraged to conserve energy because of the cold weather and high energy demand.

You can keep track of Austin Energy power outages by checking out their Outage map.

If you do have a power outage you can report it to Austin Energy by calling (512) 322-9100.  The city says traffic signals are running at full capacity this morning but if you do encounter any that are out, you should treat intersections as a four-way stop.

The Austin Travis County Emergency Operations Center remains activated.  You can keep up with their updates here.