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Comptroller: Obesity May Cost Texas Businesses $32.5 Billion a Year by 2030

Report logo courtesy of the Texas Comptroller's Office.
Texas Comptroller Susan Combs released a new report Monday detailing how much obesity could cost Texas businesses in about 20 years.

Obesity in Texas could cost businesses in the state more than $30 billion a year by the year 2030, if obesity rates and health care costs continue to increase as expected.  That’s according to a report released Monday morning by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs.

The report says right now obesity is costing Texas businesses $9.5 billion a year in health care, absenteeism, decreased productivity and disability.  The Comptroller is urging schools, lawmakers and others to implement more initiatives to prevent and combat obesity.

The Comptroller says two thirds of adult Texans (66.7 percent) were overweight or obese in 2009.  The national rate was 63.2 percent.

In September, KUT  looked at which Austin neighborhoods have the highest obesity rates among middle school students.  Check out that report here.