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Amazing Cloud Fascinates Central Texans

A strange and unusual cloud rolled in over Central Texas last night, and people took out their cell phones to capture video of it. One person even set up a Facebook fan page that already has more than 2,000 "likes".

The San Marcos Mercury has posted some impressive pictures of the cloud.

Experts said the cloud was a cumulonimbus, which forms a towering mass with a flat base at fairly low altitude and often a flat top, as in thunderstorms. It reportedly formed over Hays County and blew off to the east toward Bastrop.

Update at 12:46 pm: found many breathtaking images of the cloud onTwitter and Instagram. Check them out.

Earlier: Here are two more YouTube videos. The second one is a time lapse video.

Nathan Bernier is the transportation reporter at KUT. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @KUTnathan.