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Sunday Morning Roundup

The sun shines above a canopy of leaves and branches
Intense heat has come early to many places in Texas

Good morning folks. Thanks for stopping by the KUT Newsblog today.  It's cooler than doing just about anything else, on the hottest weekend of the year.

But enough of that - on to the your top stories of the day:


Sure the rest of the country is focused on hurricane Irene, but in Austin it's all about the heat. Yesterday we got to 110 - the hottest day so far this year. And we're set to reach that number again today. The record for hottest recorded temperatures EVER in Austin is 112. Honestly - if we're going to be miserable, I say we at least break a record for our troubles.


Governor Rick Perry was in Iowa Saturday. He's also got a trip to San Antonio and South Carolina planned before flying to California for his 1st GOP debate. Now everything can change in an instant, but for now it's shaping up to be a dog fight between Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. POLITICO has a story today about their battles...sayingit's personal!

Texas A&M Watch

Yeah I guess we need a 2nd watch today - since we're also waiting to see how quickly Texas A&M leaves the Big 12(10) for the SEC. The school has turned in a letter requesting information on what the school will need to do IF it wants to leave the conference. The Big 12 met yesterday to begin figuring out just how much money A&M will have to pay to get out of its current contract.  It could be as much as $14 million.

Ben Philpott is the Managing Editor for KUT. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @BenPhilpottKUT.