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City Begins Wastewater Averaging

Photo by Aaron Harmon

The City of Austin is starting to average the amount of wastewater you use. That averaging, which will continue until mid-March, determines how much you will pay.  

But unlike last year, when the highest amount used during the period was tossed out of the averaging, the city will base this year’s average on all three months. 

“We decided to make the change so it would be a little more concise," Austin water spokesperson  Jill Mayfield said.  "It was a truer reflection of how much water people use, in terms of how much they use and how much we have to process through the wastewater treatment system.”

Mayfield says all of the wastewater must be processed before being put back into the Colorado River.  Austin Water calculates averages during the winter months because less outside water is used for lawn upkeep. 

You can see when your averaging period starts and also calculate your wastewater average yourself online at the Austin Water Utility's website.

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