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More than 200 authors and about 40,000 book fans will descend on the Texas Capitol October 26-27 for the 2013 Texas Book Festival. Throughout the year KUT News speaks with authors about their lives and their work. To celebrate the upcoming festival, we have collected some of those interviews here. From 9-11 to Scientology to the Kennedy assassination, it's a diverse set of works from a fascinating group of authors.

AM Update: Baylor Takes NCAA Title, Ron Paul's Primary Results, Texas Book Fest Name New Director

The Baylor Lady Bears made history last night, with a tourney win capping an undefeated season.
The Baylor Lady Bears made history last night, with a tourney win capping an undefeated season.

Baylor Women's Win NCAA Championship

Baylor University's women’s basketball team clinched the NCAA national championship last night, besting Notre Dame 80 to 61.

The win sent the Lady Bears into the history books, topping off their undefeated season and making them the first NCAA basketball team ever to win 40 games in a season.

Junior Brittney Griner lead the Lady Bears, scoring 26 points, clutching 13 rebounds and hitting five blocks for the night. Odyssey Sims knocked in 19 points for Baylor, and Destiny Williams added 12 more.

For the Fighting Irish, the final was another wrenching loss. Last season, Notre Dame lost the championship to Texas A&M. 

Ron Paul Takes Second, Third, and Fourth

Yesterday's primary involved three winner-take-all races: Maryland, Wisconsin, and Washington DC.  While Ron Paul placed higher than he has in recent primaries, Mitt Romney indeed won all contests.

According to NPR, Paul placed fourth in Maryland, gaining 9.5 percent of the vote, third in Wisconsin, with 11.7 percent, and second in D.C., with 12 percent.  It's worth mentioning that Rick Santorum didn't appear on the ballot in DC, not only because his campaign didn't pay the required fee, and the DC Republican primary didn't allow write-in votes.

Last night put Romney at the halfway mark for delegates, which has long been Ron Paul's campaign strategy: securing delegates, if not large swaths of popular primary votes. 

Texas Book Festival Names New Executive Director

Lidia Agraz has officially taken the reins as the Texas Book Festival's new executive director.

A former vice president of government relations and public affairs for Time Warner Cable in Central Texas, Agraz has also served as a board member for the Austin Film Festival,  Austin Partners in Education, and KUT. Agraz is the fourth director to lead  the festival since its founding in 1995. 

Having grown to 40,000 visitors annually, the Texas Book Festival is a little like a literary South by Southwest. Over the years it's grown from a primarily Texas-focused event founded by First Lady (and former librarian) Laura Bush, to a heavyweight literary fest, featuring the likes of Susan Orlean and Chuck Palahniuk.

Agraz succeeds former festival executive director, Heidi Marquez-Smith. 

Tolly Moseley is currently an intern at KUT News.
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