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Wal-Mart Employees Honored for Conduct During Padron Shooting

Photo by Andy Uhler for KUT News

Today, family members of Austin Police Officer Jaime Padronjoined Police Chief Art Acevedo in paying tribute to Wal-Mart employees whose quick reaction likely prevented further bloodshed in the incident that claimed Officer Padron’s life.

Chief Acevedo gave certificates of recognition to several Wal-Mart employees before recognizing Archie Jordy and Lincoln Le Mere specifically for stepping in and helping tackle the shooter. 

The two were presented with glass trophies which included Officer Padron's badge number. Since the shooting, Acevedo has called the actions of the two men the silver lining in a tragic event.“We talked about the healing impact that that had,” said Acevado of Le Mere and Jordy’s actions. “I can tell you that those weren’t hollow words. I think it helped the Padron family – his sister is here. You guys have a bond now that can never be broken.”

Wal-Mart presented APD with a plaque picturing Officer Padron. The company said a larger version of the plaque will be on display at their store at I-35 and Parmer Lane, the same store where Officer Patron was shot. 

“We have a long road ahead of us but today is definitely one step closer to our healing,” said Linda Diaz, Officer Padron’s sister. “Today it’s about these two gentlemen and the team of Wal-Mart employees that were there that day for my brother. And that, we will never forget.”

Brandon Daniel, the man accused of killing Officer Padron, has been charged with murder and is still in jail.

Robb Jacobson is a news intern at KUT and a recent graduate of Indiana University.
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