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Here's All the Permits Vendors and Promoters Need for F1 Weekend - Deadline Today!

Brandon Mulder for KUT News

Update (Nov. 5, 6:20 a.m): If you are planning to sell t-shirts, handmade necklaces or anything else around town during Formula 1, you need to have a permit. And, as a friendly reminder, the deadline to apply for one is today.

Original Story (Oct. 17)As Austin’s inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix rounds the corner, city officials are reminding business owners and entrepreneurs that permit applications are fast approaching.

At a press event today, city officials emphasized public safety as their main goal, saying F1 will be an event unlike any the region has ever experienced. With that in mind, they spoke to the importance of permitting, running though several upcoming deadlines. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Temporary Use Permit [PDF]: If you want to sell merchandise over events like downtown’s Fan Fest, vendors will need a Temporary Use permit. This allows sales in private commercial zones; selling within public right of ways, like sidewalks, is not allowed. The application deadline is Nov. 5.
  • Temporary Change of Use Permit [Online Application]: If you would like to hold an event or party in a building that isn’t regularly used for such functions, promoters need a Temporary Change of Use permit. Example: If you have a warehouse and want to host a gathering of 50 or more people, you will need this permit. (If your property already has a Certificate of Occupancy, you needn’t bother.) The deadline for this permit is Nov. 5, and due to increased demand, applications will be subject to the availability of officials to inspect buildings' structural integrity, exits, occupancy loads, safety and more. The sooner your application is submitted, the better.
  • Amplified Sound Permit [PDF]: The only music permit available for F1 will be a one day Temporary Use permit. If your event will host any kind of outdoor amplified sound, the city’s Music Office requires this permit. Sound permit applications will be due Oct. 24.
  • Health Permit [PDF]: Any event involving food will require a ‘Health Permit’. This permit will also be required for the sale of open container alcoholic beverages.

More information can be found on a special F1 page on the city’s website.

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