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Austin Tied for Highest Rate of Household Growth in the U.S.

Nathan Bernier, KUT News

Austin usually ranks against cosmopolitan destinations in the numerous lists it’s named in. But try this one on for size: Provo, Utah.

The metro areas of Austin and Provo lead the nation in expected household growth, according to a new study based on U.S. Census data. The projection is for Austin to grow by 7.4 percent, adding 50,000 households over the next five years.

Texas claims five of the top ten big-growth cities in the Pitney Bowes Metro Magnets Index. “Household growth rates are slowing in the Lone Star State along with the national projections, yet Texas is still one of the fastest growing areas with five separate metropolitan areas in the Top Ten for projected percentage increase in the number of households,” reads a press release on the findings. “The Austin, Fort Hood, San Antonio, Houston and McAllen/Mission metropolitan areas all have projected household growth rates above 6.6% for the five-year period.”

And with home sales surging by 37 percent and rental occupancy at a two-decade high, here’s a question: How are we going to fit everybody in? 

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