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NRA Rallies Members in Support of Travis Gun Shows

The National Rifle Association is asking its members to contact Travis County Commissioners-- publishing Commissioners’ names, phone numbers and email addresses on the NRA website.

Travis County is considering banning gun shows at the County Expo Center and the NRA is asking its members to get involved.  Commissioners’ staffers say they’re getting up to 200 emails each day, along with calls and faxes, many from out-of-state.

County Judge Sam Biscoe says Commissioners will probably vote on the issue next Tuesday, but the outcome may depend on legal issues. 

"The law is very complicated, and there is a serious question as to what local governmental entities—including cities and counties—can do to regulate guns, even on publicly-owned property," said Biscoe.

One complication is the fact that the Expo center site is owned by the City, which leases it to the County. 

Biscoe says many of the emails he’s getting say that mass shootings like the one in Newtown, Connecticut are not caused by firearms but are the result of poor mental health care.  That’s what the NRA is saying as well.

The NRA did not respond to repeated requests for comment today.

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