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Latest Driving Distraction: Web Surfing Behind the Wheel

Flickr user Jim Legans, Jr.,

Drivers are all familiar with safety messages like "Don't Drink and Drive," or "Don't Text and Drive." And while those are two of the biggest risks to avoid while driving, there's another dangerous practice rising behind the wheel: "webbing,” or using the internet while driving.

A new study shows surfing while driving can easily lead to car accidents, injuries and death, since it takes a driver attention away from the task at hand: driving. 

State Farm Insurance reports that in 2012, 48 percent of young drivers admitted to surfing the web while driving, comparing with the 29 percent in 2009.  

State Farm also citesfive reasons people web-surf while driving:

  • Finding/reading driving directions
  • Reading email
  • Looking up/referencing specific information of immediate interest
  • Looking at/reading social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Composing/sending email

Are you ever guilty of any of the above? Try not to be: the CDC reports distracting driving is responsible for 1,300 injuries and 16 deaths nationally each day.

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