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What’s Up With the Alamo Drafthouse's New Menu?

The Alamo Drafthouse has a new menu. And critics are not abiding by the theater’s “no talking” rule

The rapidly expanding Austin movie house released the new menu citywide last week. People upset with the new menu have voiced their complaints strongly on the comment section of the Drafthouse website, where more than 130 comments have attacked the new menu.

“Basically, besides a few [appetizers] and desserts, you have burgers, salads, and pizza. Simple and boring,” one comment on the website reads.

The menu retired some several old items, including spaghetti squash with pomodoro sauce, potato skins, the Blazing Saddles, Moonstruck and the Up ‘N’ Smoke Pizza.

“A change to our core menu offerings and how they’re prepared is something we don’t take lightly, and we understand the impact it has on our customers,” the Drafthouse said in a statement.

Here’s some other changes to the new menu:

  • There is only one popcorn size now (“Bottomless” for $6)
  • The old chips and queso are gone, (but “Hatch Green Chile Queso Blanco” has been added)
  • The Asian Chicken Salad and other salad options are gone.

The Alamo says some of the retired items might be back in the fall as part of seasonal offerings. R&D Chef Jason Donoho said making the new menu involved careful discussion with the Alamo staff and Tim League, the founder and chief executive officer of Alamo Drafthouse.

“I wanted to create a menu that was fresh and approachable while staying true to our concept of ensuring that every guest has a great time and is excited to come back,” Donoho said.

Meanwhile, users on Reddit are upset about an increase in prices. The Drafthouse's pepperoni's pizza now costs $12. Houston's Alamo Drafthouse, which is using the old menu, is listing pepperoni pizza as costing $10.50.

"If I pay $12 for a pizza, I should get something at least the equivalent to what every pizza chain in America can make," one comment said.

The Drafthouse said they made "small but noticeable improvements to base ingredients in our burger, salad, and wrap selections."

The blog post also said the Drafthouse is “excited about the changes and looking forward to hearing” feedback.

Check out the new menu below. 

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