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Photos: Austin Rallies For and Against Gay Marriage Promote Same Goal - Family

Tyler Pratt for KUT News
Attendees at two opposite rallies at the Texas State Capitol Tuesday both sought the strengthening of families.

The U.S. Supreme Court continues its examination of same-sex marriage today, taking up arguments in one part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Yesterday, as the court took a look at Proposition 8 – the constitutional ban on gay marriage in California– two rallies hit the Texas State Capitol: one to promote traditional values and another to support same-sex marriage.

Credit Filipa Rodrigues for KUT News
Gov. Rick Perry in prayer at the Texas Values rally on Tuesday.

At noon, Gov. Rick Perry was the headliner of the so-called traditional values rally, which took place on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol. The event, lead by a group called “Texas Values,” was gathering of conservatives who oppose gay marriage, abortion and premarital sex. The Lieutenant Governor and other state Republican leaders also spoke. Rally attendees wore patriotic colors and were outspoken in wanting to "defend marriage and strengthen families."

Then that evening, a nationwide “Light the Way to Justice” rally took to the North Steps in support of same-sex marriage. Supporters wore red and called for "equal rights for everyone." Speakers included Jimmy Flannigan, Vice-President of the Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as several other leaders and activists in the community.

Both the rallies had opposite views of the Prop 8 and DOMA cases, but their demands were similar: stronger families and freedom of expression. Take a look at KUT News’ photos of both rallies in the Flickr slideshow below.

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