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Austin’s Affordable Housing Backers Trying for Bond Again

Mose Buchele, KUT News

Housing advocates in Austin and local religious and political leaders want to try again with a measure on November’s ballot for affordable housing dollars. So today they kicked off a Keep Austin Affordable campaign.

“As you know, the voters of Austin narrowly voted against the housing bonds last fall – not out of spite, or malice or unkindness,” said Marshall Jones with the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition.

“But they simply did not know how the money would be used," Jones continued. "We did not do our job as a community explaining how the affordable housing bonds would keep Austin affordable and transform lives.”

Advocates say you will not see any billboards or a glitzy media campaign. They’ve instead chosen to put more boots on the ground to speak to voters one-on-one.

Last November, housing advocates were seeking a little over $78 million. This time the request will be more modest, between $60 million and $70 million. The council will decide this summer whether the measure even makes it to the ballot.

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