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UT Police Step Up Security Amid 'Non-Credible' Bomb Threat

KUT News

Police at the University of Texas at Austin are investigating what they call a "non-credible" threat.  Police say they received a non-specific bomb threat and are treating it seriously just in case.

The University of Texas Police Department says people on campus may notice an increased police presence over the next few days, but police say the campus is open, with classes and other activities continuing as scheduled.

“We have not evacuated anything. We don’t plan to do any evacuations at this time," UTPD chief Robert Dahlstrom said. "We’re just checking buildings and asking our building managers to check buildings and asking students, faculty and staff if they see anything that’s unusual to be sure and call us.” 

UT sent out this email today to employees, students and faculty: 

Over the next few days you may notice increased police presence in and around campus buildings. The reason for this is that The University of Texas at Austin has received an anonymous, non-specific bomb threat to the campus. There is no information at this time that indicates this is a credible threat. As we do in any case of this nature, UTPD is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Austin Police Department (APD). We take the safety of every member of this community very seriously and ask that each of you be vigilant in observing anything that looks unusual over the next few days. If you see anything unusual please report it to UTPD at 471-4441.  The campus remains open. All activities will continue as scheduled. Please monitor the following website for updates:

The U.T. campus was evacuated last September when the University received a phone call from someone claiming to be with al-Qaida.

Activities resumed later the same day after a search found nothing dangerous.

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