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Comment on Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life in Austin

Flickr, Harrison Tran

The City of Austin is getting ready to unveil its Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Report.

A draft version of the report is available online and the city is looking for one more round of input from the public before presenting the report to the Mayor and City Council.

Since 2008, the city has been looking into how Latino quality of life in Austin compares with that of other demographics. The conclusion is that there’s room for improvement in areas including housing, employment and education.

Teresa Perez-Wisely is the Chair of the Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life Initiative.

“All of these things are, in one way or another, very crucial," Perez-Wisely says, "but we’ve got to get housing for people and we’ve got to improve their economic status, so those two things kind of go in hand.”

A town hall meeting with a preview of the report is this Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Austin City Hall.

The final report goes to Council next month.

Trey Shaar is an All Things Considered producer, reporter and host. Got a tip? Email him at Follow him on Twitter @treyshaar.
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