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Chamber of Commerce Looks to Reinvigorate Austin's 'Brand'

Luke Quinton, KUT News

Is Austin's "brand" being diluted? 

The Austin Chamber of Commerce had a round-table discussion today that asked exactly that. The consensus was upbeat, but Jack McDonald, CEO of Silverback Enterprise Group, said a lack of affordable housing will be a more serious concern this decade ahead.

"We’re going to reach a point here in ten years where the folks that make society run, our teachers, our nurses, our EMT workers, our firemen, aren’t going to be able to afford to live in the city that they serve," McDonald said. "So those are just a couple of issues I think we need to be thoughtful about.”

Business leaders also touched on gentrification, diversity and education. They said the entire community needs to be more involved in making decisions for the city.

The panel also included Judy Trabulsi of GSD&M, Tom Terkel of FourT Realty and James Moody of Mohawk Bar, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Transmission Entertainment and Guerilla Suit.

I'm a freelance writer for the Austin American Statesman and others.
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