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A Bunny In a Tank and Other Images of Austin on the Fourth

Women dancing with lawn chairs, men dressed as Uncle Sam, and a rabbit in a mini army tank are just a few of the highlights from the scene of the Far West Fourth of July Parade.

Resident Stacy Truelove says in the 35 years she’s lived in the neighborhood, it hasn’t changed. 

"The people you grew up with, you walked with [and] now you see [them] walking with your children," she said. 

Organizer Ann Dinkler says women from the neighborhood get together and march together to choreographed dances with lawn chairs.

"And then we split and form a big circle, sit down and start our kicks — that’s a fan favorite," she said. "[We] take our chairs, clap them over our heads towards audience and the sound is thunderous its really fun." 

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