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Over 62,000 New STD Cases Estimated in Travis County


Austin-Travis County Health and Human Services says sexually transmitted diseases are costing Travis County residents lots of money.

The department says more than 62,000 new cases of STDs were diagnosed in Travis County in 2011 alone. That’s estimated to cost over $83 million in lifetime medical costs.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) was the most diagnosed STD in the county in 2011, the last year Health & Human Services has a full data estimate for. Over 47,000 new cases were diagnosed.

The department says the important message is get screened. “We certainly hope that people who are sexually active – particularly young people – will get screening and prompt treatment if they’re infected,” says Austin-Travis County medical director Dr. Philip Huang. “That also helps prevent further transmission to other people.”

The City of Austin offers low-cost STD screening and treatment at its clinic at the RBJ Health Center, 15 Waller Street.

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