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MAP: Austin Redistricting Commission OKs Final Council Districts

Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

After some last minute changes, the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission unanimously approved a map for Austin’s new City Council districts last night.

Most changes to the map were relatively minor, especially compared to previous revisions. South Austin District Five, for instance, was extended to reach up to Lady Bird Lake.

Voters approved the so-called “10-1” plan last November. It changes the Austin City Council from its current seven-member format to 10 members who each represent a different part of the city. Only the mayor will continue to serve at-large.

Starting next November, council candidates will have to live and campaign in their respective districts. Each district has approximately 80,000 thousand people. 

The commission will release its final report, explaining their decision-making process, in the next few weeks.  

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