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Amid Unprecedented Number of City Candidates in Austin, You Only Need to Vote for Two

If you've felt overwhelmed by the unprecedented number of candidates running this political season, fear not.

When it comes to the Austin City Council election, this time around, you only have to vote for two people: the mayoral candidate of your choice, and your choice for your district council member.

This is the first election in which that will happen.

That's because two years ago Austinites decided to change the city's form of government. As you may remember, Austinites used to elect each city council member to represent the city as a whole. Now, we elect a council member depending on where we live. The new council members will primarily represent the needs of their district.

The city has now been divided into ten geographic districts.

If you don't know which district you are in, type in your address and this search tool should tell you.

If you don't know which candidates are running in your district, search here.

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