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Final Totals: Most Austin City Council Races Headed to Run-Offs

Updated throughout with Final Totals.

The race to be Austin's next mayor is not over yet. It's headed to a Dec. 16 run-off election because neither of the top two vote-getters received more than 50 percent of the total. Just two city council members have been elected – the top two candidates from the other districts will also head to the run-off.

A total of 78 candidates campaigned in the city’s first election under the 10-1 system of geographic representation.

Mayor of Austin: Steve Adler came out on top in the race for mayor with 36.76 percent. Mike Martinez garnered 29.63 percent of the vote. The run-off election is Dec. 16.

District 1: Ora Houston was just short of the votes needed to win District 1 outright. She received 49.12 percent of the vote. DeWayne Lofton came in second with 14.41 percent of the vote. This race will head to a run-off.

District 2: Delia Garza won District 2 with 65.76 percent of the vote.

District 3: Susana Almanza led the race with 20.99 percent of the vote. She will face her brother, Sabino "Pio" Renteria, in a  run-off. Renteria earned 18.80 percent of the vote.

District 4: Greg Casar came out on top with 38.65 percent of the vote. Laura Pressley came in second with 21.55 percent of the vote. This race will head to a run-off.

District 5: Ann Kitchen won outright with 53.62 percent of the vote.

District 6: Don Zimmerman is headed to a run-off with Jimmy Flannigan. Zimmerman received 24.21 percent of the vote. Flannigan received 24.05 percent.

District 7: Leslie Pool led with 32.14 percent, followed by Jeb Boyt with 16.89 percent of the vote. This race will head to a run-off.

District 8: Ellen Troxclair will face Ed Scruggs in a run-off. Troxclair received 26.38 percent of the vote. Scruggs received 25.54 percent.

District 9: Council incumbents Kathie Tovo and Chris Riley could face off again in a run-off. Tovo received 49.05 percent of the vote and Riley received 40.41 percent. Since Tovo was so close to 50 percent, this race could head to a recount ahead of a run-off.

District 10:  Mandy Dealey led District 10 with 30.65 percent. Sherri Gallo came in second with 22.93 percent. This race will head to a run-off.

Below you can view an interactive map with the election totals of every citywide race.


Update (11:42 p.m.): Delia Garza looks poised to win D2

Credit Jena VanHofe/KUT

Garza leads District 2 with 65.94 percent of the vote, and her closest opponent, Wally Reyes, garnered just 15.56 percent of the vote.

She says that her victory in the district is reflective of the diversity idealized in the 10-1 system, adding that there could be as many as three Latino council members after the run-offs.

Update (10:46 p.m.): Adler on Election Day Returns, Renteria on the possibly facing his sister in a run-off and Mike Martinez talks Adler's personal wealth.

Adler told KUT that Austin’s facing a change at his Election Night party, adding that his success at the polls was akin to winning his graduating law school, winning his first trial and working in the legislature.

Conversely, Mike Martinez told Joy Diaz that he was the “biggest champion for middle class, hard-working Austinites,” adding that Adler’s had a leg up in this campaign because of his own personal wealth.

Sabino “Pio” Renteria is neck-and-neck with his sister Susana Almanza in District 3. He says he’s gearing up for a run-off, adding that, even though they’re siblings, they still differ on a number of issues.

Update (10:19 p.m.): We’re getting some more results in from Travis County. With just around 7,500 election day votes thrown into the mix and only around 22 percent of all votes totalled. Here’s a look at some of the likely run-offs, winners and too-close-too-calls.

Ora Houston, Delia Garza and Ann Kitchen all have over 50 percent of votes so far in Districts 1, 2, and 5, with 53 percent, 66 percent and 53 percent, respectively. No other races have clear-cut front-runners. While Kathie Tovo is eclipsing 50 percent of the vote, it’s likely that total will fluctuate as more Election Day totals continue to come in.

You can view the updated poll numbers below.

Update (9:17 p.m.): Mike Martinez says he's ready for a run-off

Council Member Martinez said he’s taking the night to celebrate with his staff at the Rattle-Inn downtown. He told KUT’s Joy Diaz that he’s ready to get back to work ahead of a likely run-off in December.

“We’ll take a break tonight, celebrate that we’re in a run-off, and then we go right back to work tomorrow,” Martinez said.

Meanwhile, Steve Adler's kicked off his own celebration at his campaign headquarters near Lady Bird Lake.

Adler's leading Martinez by roughly 10 points, 38.53 percent to 29.62 percent, according to early voting poll numbers.

Below you can view an interactive map with all the early voting election totals in the race for Austin City Council.

(Original post at 7:26 p.m., with updates throughout)


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