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Austin City Council Returns to Renovated Chambers Today

Austin City Council returns to City Hall today with a brand new council dais ahead of the city's new 11-member council.

The $1.7 million renovation started in early July and was slated to complete construction in last month, and includes audio-visual upgrades and the building out of four new offices to the executive suites on City Hall’s second floor. Construction on those offices is set to be done by Thanksgiving.

The new council will be officially seated on Jan. 6. That council, however, hasn’t yet taken form. Only District 2 candidate Delia Garza and District 5 candidate Ann Kitchen secured over 50 percent of the vote in their races. Eight other council races, and the mayoral race, will head to run-off elections on Dec. 16.

Above you can see a photo gallery of the original dais, the renovations and the finished product.

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