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Google Fiber Unveils Prices for Austin

Filipa Rodrigues/KUT
Google Fiber is set to launch sometime in December in South and Southeast Austin.

Google Fiber announced plans and pricing for high speed 1-gigabit Internet service in Austin today.

Mark Strama, Austin’s Google Fiber head of operations, also introduced a scaled-down version of Internet service with no monthly fee as an "extraordinary value to folks who might not be connected to the internet today."

According to Strama, Austin will have three tiers of service. The first tier includes a basic product, which for a $300 construction fee, is $0 per month. The second tier is gigabit Internet-only, for $70 a month. And Google Fiber's TV plus gigabit Internet is $130 a month. 

Also today, Google announced its first "Google Fiber House" where Austinites can learn more and experience the service. Beyond being a Fiber showroom, Google is looking to open its doors for future community events.

"We think this will be a living room for the city of Austin. A place where we can host the community and where the community can have its own events. We would anticipate to have town hall meetings, political forums, as well as concerts and technology-centric events," says Strama. 

The building, that was once home to the Austin Children's Museum, is located at 2nd and Colorado streets in downtown Austin. The "Google Fiber House" will be launched sometime next month.

Last week, Google Fiber announced a free basic Internet connection for low income homes

The one-time construction fee of 300 dollars can be paid all at once or spread over 12 months. Google Fiber signups for South and Southeast Austinstart next month. Other parts of the city will be added over the next few years.  

Credit Google Fiber

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