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Wayback Wednesday: Meet Texas' Knife-Throwing Family

Sure, Thanksgiving might be a little difficult at times for some. When you get that many relatives together all in one place, there are bound to be some familial flare-ups. But, if things get a little tense at tomorrow's festivities, remember this: Nobody is throwing knives at you.

In the first of KUT's Wayback Wednesday series, we meet Louella Gallagher and her children, Connie Ann, 5, and Colleena Sue, 2, in this newsreel from the 1950s. The newsreel is pretty self-explanatory, if not terrifying. Evidently, Louella toured sideshows throwing knives at her daughters while passersby gawked in morbid curiosity.

So this Thanksgiving, when your mother is staring daggers at you for not eating her sweet potato casserole, be thankful. She's not throwing actual knives.

This footage is from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image, a massive depository of archival footage from Texas' history which is entirely available online.

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