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Here's a Look at Daniel Johnston's Newest Austin Mural

Daniel Johnston, the musician-artist who painted the now-iconic "Hi, How Are You?" mural on the Drag, debuted his latest public art work in Austin yesterday.

The mural features a superhero, with the phrase "Love is the question, Love is the answer," and was produced in conjunction with the Austin-based advertising firm GSD&M. The superhero-themed artwork is part of a campaign to raise money for Superhero Kids, an organization that provides financial support for families of kids at Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center.

While it's been more than 20 years since Johnston debuted any public art, his manager, Tom Gimbel, says more art may be coming, if Johnston's up for it.

"You know, Daniel doesn’t really do a lot of planning, you know," Gimbel said. "He just creates as he goes. So we don’t know what the future will hold, but, yeah, hopefully there will be room for another mural in Austin.”

You can view the mural at Nau's Enfield Drug at 1115 West Lynn Street (intersection of 12th and West Lynn), and you can view a photo gallery of Johnston's mural unveiling above.

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