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Austin School Remembers Art Teacher Slain in Nepal

Sci-Tech Preparatory
Students at Sci-Tech Preparatory in Austin took this photo of their former art teacher, Daliah Yehia.

The principal at an Austin school is sharing memories of an art teacher who was murdered in Nepal. Dahlia Yehia taught art for a semester at Sci-Tech Preparatory, and the students there really liked her.  

Mary Brinkman, the principal of Sci-Tech Preparatory, remembers Yehia fondly, especially for her ability to connect with teenagers. On one memorable project, Yehia took her students in groups to a graffiti park in downtown Austin.

"They got on the bus with their backpacks loaded with cans of spray paint," Brinkman says. "Made me a little nervous, but they went down and just totally explored the graffiti park and added their signature to the graffiti park down there."

Yehia taught students in grades 7 through 11 from January to May. She resigned in July from her teaching position at the school and left for Nepal later that month.

Authorities say a teacher in Pokhara, in Western Nepal, who was hosting Yahia, confessed to investigators he killed her and threw her body into the river.

Yehia had traveled to Nepal to help survivors of the April earthquake.