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Thanks (Again) Obama: Austinites React To The President's Effects On SXSW Traffic and SXSW
Editor-in-chief of the Texas Tribune, Evan Smith, spoke with President Obama in a panel discussion at the Long Center on the first day of SXSW Interactive 2016.

Unless you've been locked in a soundproof lead box and submerged in Lady Bird Lake, you're fully aware of the traffic situation that's transpiring today: President Obama's visiting and it's the first day of SXSW Interactive. 
Suffice to say, people weren't too jazzed about the prospect and they're took to the Internet to vent about it.

During his presidency, Obama's been fond of Austin, often beginning most of his addresses here with "You know, I love Austin" to reiterate that to Austinites. But, while some Austinites are undoubtedly fond of Obama, they're not fond of the traffic that ensues during his visits.

To reiterate that point, it's fair to point out that KUT has done plenty of posts on the traffic, the road closures, the number of visits he's made to Austin and we've even done a Storify (like the one below) of reactions to the traffic over the years.

But, this year, will be the last time Austin can say "Thanks, Obama" to the rash of road closures that follow in the presidential motorcade's wake. 


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