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Boy, Did Y'all Have Opinions About That Keep Austin Weird Story.

Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

The headline says it all in this one, really.

In the latest installment of our ATXplained series, KUT's Phil Benpott tried to answer the eternal question: Is Austin really that weird? It's a question without a definitive answer, it seems. And, even though">Phil struggled to find a clear-cut "yes" or "no" response, plenty of folks had opinions about the story.

There were also plenty of complaints about one of the subjects he interviewed for the story – that he'd only been in town for a few years, that he moved here from L.A., that it seemed like we were trolling you.

But, it should be noted, there are plenty of people moving here – and plenty of people already here – that are relatively new arrivals, compared to the Liberty Lunch-lamenting crowd. So, he thought it would be good to get that perspective. It should also be noted that he spoke with old-guard luminary and Statesman commentator John Kelso — whose response was voiced by KUTX's John Aielli, no less – for that perspective, along with other longtime Austinites. Having said that, it's a fair point.

So, we culled a variety of weirdness-related responses, solutions and complaints into a Storify, which you can peruse below. 

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