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Dollars, Taxes

Photo by KUT News.

The extra time is running out.  Your income tax return has to be postmarked or electronically received by the Internal Revenue Service by midnight tonight.

Normally, the deadline is April 15.  This year, however, the normal date coincided with Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in the District of Columbia.  The IRS announce in January that they were moving things ahead to April 18 for this year.

If you're among the last-minute stragglers, the Feds have a website where you can get information on where to get help to get your returns filed on time.  If you can't make that, you can ask the IRS for an extension.  But you still have to pony up the cash you think you'll owe the government on Form 4868.

Ian Crawford joined KUT as News Editor in 2008, after spending over four years as a reporter/anchor at KLBJ Radio in Austin. He began his broadcasting career while still in high school in Southern Oregon. During high school and college at the University of Oregon, he worked at times as a reporter, news anchor, sports play-by-play reporter, music host and commercial producer before moving to Texas in 2003.