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Gaming Studio Bethesda Issues an Austin Battlecry

Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks has announced plans to open a second gaming development studio in Austin – Battlecry Studios.

Battlecry will be headed up by long-time producer Rich Vogel, who best known for his work with gaming developer BioWare. Vogel left Bioware in July during BioWare’s second round of layoffs at the company.

During Vogel’s tenure at BioWare he worked on hits like “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” “UltimaOnline”and “Star Wars Galaxies,” but it is unclear what he will be working on first with Battlecry.

President of Bethesda  Softworks Vlatko Andonov said in a statement that he is looking “forward to working with [Vogel] on a new exciting project.”

Bethesda mentioned “an unannounced project” in their press release, but no other details were given. Gaming website IGN is speculating that the project may have to do with the much anticipated “The Elder Scrolls Online.”

Battlecry is Bethesda’s second game studio in Austin after Arkane Studios. Battlecry is currently in the process of searching for several positions including a Monetization Designer, an Art Director and several other positions.

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