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Austin Social Startup Acquired by California Company

Lithium Technologies

It's no secret that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have changed the way companies interact with their consumers.

Corporations and small businesses alike need to have a plan for handling customer interactions via the internet  – at least that's what one Austin startup believes. And a big technology company is buying into the idea.

Lithium Technologies, a California-based company, announced it acquired Austin startup Social Dynamx this week.

Social Dynamx was founded last year by a group of Austin software industry experts as the “industry’s first purpose-built social customer care platform.” That's a fancy way of saying Social Dynamx’s technology assists companies in monitoring conversations via social media sites in order to respond fittingly to customers' comments or complaints.

Lithium provides software that allows brands to create online communities. Lithium's President and CEO Rob Tarkoff saysthe decision to purchase Social Dynamxwas necessary because he says the company had been missing out on providing information to their clients through social media.

Social Dynamx offices will remain in Austin and Lithum hopes to expand the company here.

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