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Ride-Hailing Company Fare To Exit Austin Following Return Of Uber And Lyft

Miguel Gutierrez Jr.

Phoenix-based Fare announced Tuesday that it’s leaving Austin due to a “recent loss of business.”

The ride-hailing company was one of several that set up in Austin last year after voters approved regulations for fingerprint-based background checks, prompting competitors Uber and Lyft to leave.

Last week, the two ride-hailing giants returned to the city after Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 100, which establishes statewide ride-hailing legislation that nullifies all city ordinances.

The statewide regulations require only name-based background checks, which is what Uber and Lyft pushed for last year in Austin's most expensive municipal election ever.

In a statement on its app, Fare thanked users, but said sadly "the time has come to say goodbye."

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