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Waco Biker Shootout Autopsies Released, Questions Remain

Image via Flickr/Paul Townsend (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
The shootout in Waco this spring left nine bikers dead and almost 200 others behind bars.

From Texas Standard:

Tamara Tabo runs The Center for Legal Pedagogy, and she has some concerns over how authorities are handling the cases of more than 170 bikers arrested in the May 17 shootout in Waco, Texas.

Just yesterday, one of our listeners wrote in to ask the latest updates following the biker shootout in Waco that left nine dead and 177 arrested. Given those high numbers, you'd think there might be a video of the incident somewhere — surveillance cameras or cell phone footage. We hear that there are videos, but the public hasn't been able to view them or learn anything about what's in those videos because of a gag order in place.

After three months, trials are finally being scheduled, and autopsy reports were finally released this past Thursday. But aside from showing that all nine were killed by gunshot wounds, mostly to the head and neck, there's still no indication of who shot whom.

Tamara Tabo runs The Center for Legal Pedagogy at the Texas Southern School of Law in Houston, and she says there are still a lot of unknowns in the case.

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