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Round Rock ISD Seeks Public Input on State Budget Cuts

Photo by KUT News
Round Rock ISD will hold a public meeting tonight to discuss budget cuts for the next school year.

Round Rock ISD is looking to the public for some ideas on reducing its budget.

District officials will hold a community meeting tonight at 6:30 pm in the Round Rock High School cafeteria. The meeting will focus on how the state budget cut will affect the 2011-12 school year, identifying places to cut the budget cuts and looking for effective ways to handle upcoming financial changes.

“The budget deficit is going to affect districts throughout the entire state, especially here in Round Rock ISD,” said JoyLynn Occhiuzzi, a district spokeswoman. “We need to have teamwork and partnership that identify the cuts because this is very dramatic impact to the district.”


The district is expected to reduce its budget by 5 percent, which is about $17 million, for the upcoming fiscal years.

“Those types of cuts are going to impact the classroom and our students. Of course, it is going to change the way we do education,” Occhiuzzi said.

To see official guidelines for the upcoming budget reduction in detail, click here.