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SBOE to Review CSCOPE (Update)


Update: The Texas Education Agency reports the State Board of Education approved a resolution today supporting a review of CSCOPE material. Thirteen SBOE members voted in favor of the measure. Two abstained.

Some conservatives have argued  CSCOPE has an anti-American bias.

According to the TEA's website:

CSCOPE is a curriculum management system created by Texas Education Service Centers with assistance from content experts. It is now used in 875 public school districts, charter schools and private schools in Texas, which educate 34 percent of the state's total student population.

Original Story (March 11, 5:53 p.m.): A Texas public school curriculum that has come under fire from some conservatives will be examined by the State Board of Education.  CSCOPE is used by more than half of the school districts in Texas.

State Board of Education member Tom Maynard (R-Georgetown) is among the board members who will serve on an ad hoc committee to review lesson plans.

“There have been some lessons in there that have been interpreted as being pro-Islamic or pro-Communist, or characterizing some of the people that were involved in the Tea Party in the American Revolution as terrorists," Maynard said, adding that he’s withholding judgment on the C-SCOPE curriculum until he takes a closer look.

Maynard says he’s hesitant about telling school districts what to do. The issue of local control was central to his election campaign last year. 

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