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Bill Powers: First UT Medical School Class in 2016

University of Texas

The first University of Texas medical student class could be here as early as fall 2016. The UT Board of Regents unanimously approved plans for the school at a meeting earlier today.

Though construction has not begun, UT President Bill Powers says he’s hopeful that the school will be ready by 2016 and the teaching hospital by 2017. Until then, UT has a laundry list of things to do. 

First up, administration. The school has launched a search for a dean, which President Powers says will get the ball rolling on future plans.

And not least of all are the physical logistics of building in the limited space north of downtown. The Dell Medical School is slated for construction at the corner of Red River and 15th Streets. The Frank Erwin Center may eventually be moved, but UT President Powers stressed that there is not funding or approval for that measure yet.

The first and second phase of construction would not require demolition of the Erwin Center. But Powers wants to keep an open mind about the capacity for growth. "At some point if that growth takes place, [then] having the Erwin Center in the middle of it does not make sense," he said.

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