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Texas State students hold pro-Palestinian protest inspired by UT Austin peers

People stand with pro-Palestinian signs in hand in front of a horse statue on the Texas State University campus.
Patricia Lim
KUT News
More than 100 pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered at the Texas State campus on Monday.

Over 100 students chanted, prayed and shared stories at Texas State University on Monday at a "Sit-in for Palestine." The event is part of the sweeping pro-Palestinian movement across college campuses in the U.S.

Students condemned how UT Austin was handling protests on that campus.

"We weren't planning on doing anything like this until we saw students' heads getting smashed into the ground up the road," said Joseph Ely, a graduate student and president of the Palestine Solidarity Committee on campus. "It was really the police at the University of Texas that provoked us to do this."

He said the sit-in was in solidarity with Palestinians and with students advocating for free speech on college campuses.

"College campuses are historically where protest movements have started," Ely said. "If you're against a student-led movement, you're probably on the wrong side of history."

Several student groups were in attendance, including members of the College Democrats at Texas State and the school's Muslim Student Association.

"Texas State University and its student body stand here in solidarity with the men, women and children of Palestine," Averyann Guggenheim, president of the College Democrats, said.

Sister Amanda, a member of the Muslim student community, also spoke at the event.

"We stand for justice, despite the fact we know there is a risk in doing so after the despicable, violent actions at UT Austin," she said.

A small group had gathered across the pavilion holding an Israeli flag. There were also a handful of University Police Department officers walking around the grounds.

A TXST spokesperson said the school was made aware of the event and had given the group permission to host the protest. More university administrators were patrolling the area than there were officers.

Maya Fawaz is KUT's Hays County reporter. Got a tip? Email her at Follow her on Twitter @mayagfawaz.
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