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What Can Corpus Christi Learn From Austin's Bag Ban Debate?

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Plastic bags at a recycling center in Corpus Christi. The coastal town is discussing whether to charge for the disposable bags.

In its short history, Austin’s proposed disposable bag ban has already seen its share of controversy:  A series of stops and starts, recent revisions, and more.   

But Austin’s far from the only city considering such a measure. In fact, the Texas town of Corpus Christi is also considering a similar proposal.

KUT reported today the Corpus Christi proposal is being promoted by the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.  Bag opponents have set up a website, and judging from some of their posts, they’ve been watching the Austin ban closely.

So what can Corpus Christi’s bag ban debate learn from Austin?

  • Offer proposals early: In Austin, this may have been too much of a good thing, as the city has offered several revised proposals. But the city has released them well in advance of any official action.
  • Get the public involved: The city has also offered events where citizens both in favor of and opposed to the ban could sound off.

Back in Austin, the bag ban discussion returns to City Council on March 1.

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