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Quiz: Which of These Aren't Official Tropical Storm Names?

Let's face it: Bill isn't the most exotic name for a tropical storm or, as it is now, a tropical depression.

Sure, as far as storm names, it was meme-worthy, but it didn't conjure the gravitas or mystique that, say, Odalys or Gaston might. So, we thought it might be eye-opening to dig into the list of names given to tropical storms — agreed upon by the World Meteorological Organization — by testing whether you could spot a fake one. Take the quiz below, and let us know which names surprised you in the comments. 

The meteorological organization rotates through six different lists of storm names. There are some names, like those of particularly damaging storms, that get retired. Each ocean has its own set of lists. You can check out the full list of tropical storm names on the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's website.

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