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WATCH LIVE: 'Tower Girl' Nests Atop The UT Tower

University of Texas

You can now watch Austin’s only resident peregrine falcon up close and personal, thanks to a camera aimed at her nest at the top of the UT Tower. 

There’s good reason to keep an eye on the bird – affectionately known as the "Tower Girl" by birders in the community – over the next few months. 

Since she’s alone at the very southern tip of peregrine falcon range, people have wondered for years if she will find a mate. Now, it looks like she may have, and the falcon camera set up by UT's Biodiversity Center is in place just in time to see if any eggs she may lay hatch. If they do, it will expand the known breeding range of peregrine falcons, a species that was once nearly wiped out by pesticides and is still considered endangered in Texas.
Check out more on the project at the Biodiversity Center's website.

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