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KUT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I contact KUT and KUTX?
To email us, please reference the list below. We offer a variety of ways to engage with the stations. Just choose a department and send us an email. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

KUT 90.5 Programming

KUT News 90.5

KUTX 98.9 music




If you’d prefer to chat with a staff member via phone, please feel free to call us! To phone us, you can call our front desk, which is open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 512-471-1631.

The KUT 90.5 News and Information Programming Line is 512-471-5700.

The KUTX 98.9 Request/Listener Line is 512-471-2345.

The KUT and KUTX Member Services Line is 512-475-6100.

How do I get my music/band played on KUTX 98.9?
Please carefully review our music submission guidelines and processes on our Submit YourMusicpage.

If you still have questions after reading or music submission guidelines, you can always contact us at

If I’d like to send something to KUT/KUTX, should I use the mailing or shipping address? What’s the difference?
When sending mail through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), use our mailing address (listed below). When sending a package through FedEx, UPS, or any other ground delivery service, it’s best to use our street address (also below). We pick up mail from the post office daily, but ground companies deliver directly to our front office.

Our mailing address:
KUT Public Media Studios
The University of Texas at Austin
300 West Dean Keeton St.
Austin, Texas 78712-1061

Our street/shipping address:
KUT Public Media Studios
Dealey Center for New Media
300 West Dean Keeton St.
Stop A0704
Austin, Texas 78712-1061

I have a news story/press release for KUT News. How do I send it to the newsroom?
Email the KUT newsroom.

How do I promote an event on KUT or KUTX?
Austin area events are important to us — learning about them is one way we make a deeper connection to our community. Sometimes we even use event notices to help develop news stories. If you feel like your event might be an item for KUT News, email our newsroom.

Additionally, KUT 90.5 and KUTX 98.9 provide public service announcements (PSAs), which are free, brief announcements read live over the air throughout the day (time permitting). Learn more and submit your PSA here. We cannot air PSAs for religious services or partisan political rallies/fundraisers. We receive a high volume of requests and do our best to accommodate a diverse group of local organizations.

KUT 90.5 and KUTX 98.9 also offer underwriting announcements, which are professionally produced announcements that are scheduled for certain time slots and sometimes include a visual element on or If you’re interested in underwriting, call us at 512-471-8222, or email us.

My organization would like KUT or KUTX to be the media sponsor of my event; who do I contact with questions?
For inquiries about media sponsorships or partnerships, please contact our sponsorships manager, Pam Power.

How do I volunteer for KUT or KUTX?
Volunteers are incredibly important to the work of KUT and KUTX, and we always welcome new additions to our team! We rely on volunteers for our Membership Drives and events throughout the year. To become a volunteer, visit our volunteer page.

I am interested in working for KUT 90.5 or KUTX 98.9 as an employee or an intern. How do I go about that?
Our search for talent never ends! We are proud of the people who work at KUT and KUTX and who have chosen public media as part of their career path. To see if there is a job or internship opening that matches your experience, go to

My name / the name of a loved one is on the KUT Donor Wall. How can I see it?

We're happy to welcome Donor Wall visitors during Business Office hours (M – F, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.). If possible, please give us a call at 512-471-1631, so that we can arrange for someone to assist you.

My group would like to tour the KUT Public Media studios. How do I arrange this?

We're happy to offer tours of our studios to a variety of groups and individuals. Our tours are best suited for groups of 10 - 15 visitors due to space restrictions. Most tours are led by our wonderful volunteers and require a reservation made at least two weeks in advance. Tours are scheduled Monday through Friday, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Scout Tours
Have a group of scouts who would like to visit KUT and KUTX to fulfill a badge requirement? We require at least one adult chaperone to accompany the children on the tour. Due to the high number of tour requests, a reservation must be made at least two weeks in advance. To schedule a Scout tour, please submit your request to

Educational Tours
With advance notice, KUT and KUTX can accommodate many types of student educational student tours, which focus on specific areas within the station. Typically, tours address our physical space with a light discussion of what goes into making radio. We recommend educational tours for students that are 10 years of age or older with no more than 15 students per tour. Contact to schedule a tour.

For other tour questions, please email

Where are the KUT Public Media Studios? Where can I park?
We’re located at 300 W. Dean Keeton, at the northeast corner of Dean Keeton (26th St.) and Guadalupe, in the Dealey Center for New Media (DMC), on the University of Texas Campus.

Parking is tight around the University of Texas campus so we’ve listed some parking options for you:

  • Limited metered parking is available along Guadalupe St., W. Dean Keeton St. (26th St.), and 25thSt., near the building.
  • For ticket pick-ups, you may park in the alley behind the Dealey Center in the space marked "30 Minutes with Flashers." Remember to turn on your flashers or you might be ticketed by the University of Texas. This alley is one-way, and only accessible from Whitis Avenue, not from Guadalupe.
  • Nearby pay lots and garages are at 25th and Guadalupe (private lot), the San Antonio Garage at 25th & San Antonio (UT garage), and the 27thStreet Garage at 27th and University.
  • Several buses and university shuttles drop off near the building. Route information can be found
  • There's ample bicycle parking around the building at street level.
  • Several bus and university shuttle drop off near the building. Route information can be found at

The KUT Public Media Studios are located on The University of Texas at Austin campus, which is a tobacco-free campus. The sidewalk just west of the KUT Public Media Studios, on Guadalupe St., belongs to the City of Austin. Additional information about the tobacco-free campus is available online and in this FAQ.

KUT and KUTX Membership and Donations
Please click here for information about KUT/KUTX Membership and how to donate.

What is KUT’s Tax ID Number?
KUT Radio’s Federal EIN (Tax ID #) is 74-6000203.  Because we are part of the UT system, this ID is shared with several University of Texas institutions, so it’s important to include “KUT Radio” as a line item in any donations, matching gifts, or other submissions that include KUT’s Tax ID.

Some organizations who ask you to provide KUT's EIN may be seeking a 501c3 [the EIN we've listed above is a 170c]. In that case, please provide The UT Foundation's EIN – they accept gifts on behalf of The University of Texas at Austin, including KUT & KUTX Radio, and will ensure that the funds are deposited into our accounts. That EIN is 74-1587488.

I heard a story on the air. Where do I find it? Where can I listen to it again?
Stories on KUT News 90.5, Austin's NPR station, come from a variety of places. We have local stories produced by KUT News staff, as well as stories from NPR, Public Radio International (PRI), American Public Media (APM) and BBC.

If you think that the story was a local news story by KUT, please use the search box on  

If you want to search a specific show, click the “Schdedule” tab at the top of the KUT page, and select the specific show you are searching for – these links will take you to that show’s web page.

I won tickets. How do I claim them?
Congratulations! If you won tickets from our music service, KUTX 98.9, follow the instructions on our KUTX Ticket Giveaway page. Tickets from KUT 90.5 are typically available at the front desk, which is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The front desk is closed on weekends.

If you are unable to make it to to the station, a friend, spouse or relative may pick them up for you. If the event is far enough in the future, we can mail your tickets to you. Please contact the main office if you’ll be needing mail service. If you have any questions concerning tickets, you can call our main office at 512-471-1631 or email

We're located on the University of Texas campus, in the Dealey Center for New Media, on the corner of Dean Keeton and Guadalupe Streets. Please refer to Visiting KUT (above) for information on how to get here.

I have tickets for my music show and/or event. How do I set up a ticket giveaway on KUT or KUTX?
To give away tickets to a local music show, email KUTX ticket giveaway and promotions. Please contact us as far in advance as you can (90 days out is ideal).

To give away tickets to other types of events around town, contact sponsorships manager Pam Power.

I want my organization featured in KUT’s “Get Involved” section. What’s the process?
Get Involved is a great way to let people know what kind of services your organization offers our community. To submit your organization for consideration, you’ll need to contact Producer Michael Lee. If you want your organization featured to coincide with a specific event, you’ll need to contact us as far in advance as you can.

Explore some of our past "Get Involved" features.

How do I book studio time at your station? 
The KUT public media studios are available for recorded and live interviews. This service is open to public radio partners, educational institutions and podcast production companies, as well as independent producers. We charge a competitive hourly rate, provide engineering and use the same professional equipment we use to produce our news and music programming. Learn more at our Studio Booking Info and Requests page.

Where do I go to find out the name of a song I heard on KUTX?
We do provide a playlist online. The playlistlink is located on the main menu. It’s helpful if you know the song title or artist or a key phrase to help you search.  If not, here are some other guides that might help you find the song you are looking for:

Time of day
Day of the week
Song title

Knowing any combination of these categories can usually put you in touch with music you love!

I’m having problems streaming KUT or KUTX on my computer. What do I do?
E-mail our engineering team for help with streaming questions.

What other ways can I stay connected to KUT and KUTX?
If your car radio is tuned to 90.5 FM (KUT) or 98.9 FM (KUTX), your Internet browser points to or, and you’ve downloaded the KUT or KUTX app to your smartphone, you’re set to take KUT with you wherever you go.

We also produce award-winning podcasts, newsand musicvideo content. Sign up for one of our newsletters to stay informed and inspired.

And don’t forget to join the conversation by connecting with KUT 90.5 on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and KUTX 98.9 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.