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Folklore From All Over in New Cargill Novel

Austin is home to a lot of weird stuff: bat tributes, floating marching bands, Hippie Hollow. In his new book, Dreams and Shadows, Austin author C. Robert Cargill delves deep into the dark heart of the city’s inner weirdness, using a little myth and legend as punctuation for a truly unique story. He spoke with KUT’s Emily Donahue about his work and his inspiration.

Essentially, mythology is religion that somebody doesn’t believe anymore; that’s really what it is. And most of our fantasy comes from telling adventure stories or tragedies through other people’s religions. I was just fascinated by that idea and wanted to bring all that together and bring folklore into one grand, unified theory of a possible world where all of this folklore actually could exist.

Cargill will be at BookPeople tonight at 7 for a reading and to sign copies of his book.

Emily Donahue is a former grants writer for KUT. She previously served as news director and helped launch KUT’s news department in 2001.
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