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WATCH: An Amazing Six-Minute, Stop-Motion Tour of Austin


Remember this haunting time-lapse video of Austin at night? Well, University of Texas grad student Andrew Takano is back with a sequel of sorts to “Sleepwalking Austin.”

His new video? “Spectral Austin,” which applies Takano’s smooth stop motion technique to Austin during day and night.

Spectral Austin from Andrew Takano on Vimeo.

“The process was mostly the same,” Takano says, “although better executed since I have more experience now.” The biggest challenge was shooting during the day, “which can be pretty brutal (on both myself and the camera) in the middle of the summer in Austin. Sunburns and mosquitoes galore.”

Despite the quality of his work, Takano is pursuing a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, not film – although he’s currently looking for contract work. “I sold some work over the summer and it was nice being able to say that the hobby at least paid for itself.”

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