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Austin's Homeless Ask 'Am I Invisible?' in New Art Project

Am I Invisible? is an ongoing art project written and performed by members of Austin’s homeless population. It  explores their lives through video presentations, monologues and other performances. 

The project began last year when video artist RoniChelben began facilitating video workshops at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless. It led to a series of videos featuring members of Austin's homeless community, and eventually a live show based on the lives of its participants. 

Am I Invisible? incorporates all these elements, including the video segments, performances, and live monologues written by homeless members of our community, inspired by their lives.

The next performance of Am I Invisible will be at the Plaza at City Hall this weekend, and since it's an outdoor, daytime show, video projection isn't possible; this version of the show will feature live performances only.

Am I Invisible Saturday, May 17 at 2:00 pm At the Plaza at City Hall

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