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Nettie Reynolds Celebrates the Big 5-0

Writer and storyteller Nettie Reynolds has been performing in public for the past twenty years or so, and this weekend she'll be presenting her second full-length sort-of-one-woman show.

Though Reynolds is doing most of the heavy lifting, it's not exactly a solo show, as she'll be joined by a few of her friends -- Walter Daniels and Kacy Crowley will each sing a song, and Cate Berry and Bernadette Noll will each tell a story. 

The main focus of the show, though, will be Reynolds sharing stories of her life, including her unhealthy obsession with Gene Hackman, her high school boyfriend (a rodeo clown), and her observations on the importance of napping. The whole show will be a celebration of Reynolds' first half century on the earth, so it's part stage show and part birthday party. There will be cake.

See '50 Shades of Neutral' at the North Door this Saturday

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