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April is National Poetry Month, a time when we celebrate poetry and recognize how it has shaped American culture. This year, KUT is participating in National Poetry Month by sharing poems written by students in the Blank Page creative writing programs at Kealing and Fulmore Middle Schools and the Writers' Workshop at Rawson Saunders School. You can read the and listen to the poems here, and you can also listen to the poems read on KUT 90.5 FM throughout the month of April.

Don't Stop Believing

Read by Rebecca McInroy

Just a little boy,

Four years old,

Sitting on the living room floor,

Criss-cross applesauce,

He holds two wooden kitchen spoons,

Scattered pots and pans around him,

He watches his favorite band, Journey,

And tries to drum along.

Just a little boy,

Eight years old,

With his first pair of drumsticks,

He practices day and night

And loves to show off for his family

But is too shy to show anyone else.

He grows older,

No longer criss-cross applesauce,

He sits on a stool

But still plays day and night,

A teacher tells him “you can do it”

Over and over, and he thinks

I come this far, played for so long

So he gets on stage

Excited with butterflies in his stomach

Less afraid.

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