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April is National Poetry Month, a time when we celebrate poetry and recognize how it has shaped American culture. This year, KUT is participating in National Poetry Month by sharing poems written by students in the Blank Page creative writing programs at Kealing and Fulmore Middle Schools and the Writers' Workshop at Rawson Saunders School. You can read the and listen to the poems here, and you can also listen to the poems read on KUT 90.5 FM throughout the month of April.

Learning to Read

A blur

of lines and shapes

whirled together

to make something

I can’t understand

a mixture








to say something

I can’t understand

They don’t line up in my mind

but float in circles instead


it all clears

as if someone

wiped the fog off glass

or the whole room became silent

and I could hear myself breathe.

Instead of letters floating in circles

they lined up together

to form a sentence

that I could read!

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