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April is National Poetry Month, a time when we celebrate poetry and recognize how it has shaped American culture. This year, KUT is participating in National Poetry Month by sharing poems written by students in the Blank Page creative writing programs at Kealing and Fulmore Middle Schools and the Writers' Workshop at Rawson Saunders School. You can read the and listen to the poems here, and you can also listen to the poems read on KUT 90.5 FM throughout the month of April.

The tide of give and take

Through shallow abundance you waste happily

Patchy spritzers flowing leaving lawns soaked

America, douses in apathy

While we wither, in charred earth, lying choked

Long back breaking journeys to dirty streams

Tirelessly towing water home

Our lives pool in dirty puddles it seems

To a life dependent we must atone

But to feel your indifference change to care

To touch water spilling from a well you have built

To quench a dry thirst, is an answered prayer

Drinking down clear sprays without murky silt

A steady torrent can feed a river

Helping hands begin with just one giver

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